Jennica Mae Photography

Thinkin about the beach & not sweatin the long drive to LA on Thursday or the even longer to-do list I have 🌴🌊

hey I guess taking portraits of anonymous djs is my thing now. @trutrippyturtle tell @djhoodboi I’m comin for him next 🐢💝

LA 🚗🌆

very tite to see one of my photos of cashmere cat at electric forest resurface as a meme on such a great tumblr

(Source: cashmerecatcanteven)

That new @cashmerecat mix got me like 😭😻

YUNG TRAP DONUT THOT out here shooting baes @strangedonuts 🍩🍩🍩

#tbt Alaska /\^/\^/\

my pal @snakeplisskenjr got the most g crib in dtla 🔫💊

Avalon Hollywood

night/day electricforestfest 2014

Close up of an iPad screen protector 2/2

Close up of an iPad screen protector 1/2

Still finding new favs from this nearly effortless shoot

My happy place - Crown Candy Kitchen